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Presenting the modern legal clerkship--qualified student help at your fingertips.

Introducing the Micro-clerkship

Book-It Legal facilitates short-term clerkships allowing attorneys to hire students on a per-project basis. We have top students from schools across the country ready to jump in and help with legal research, cite-checking, deposition summaries, document review, client alerts, academic articles, blog content, and whatever other tasks you need done.

"My interaction with the student provided by Book-It Legal was very professional. She caught on to the facts very fast and understood the issues very well. I did not have to correct or change a thing and found her services to be excellent. My only regret is that she has graduated and can’t help me with the next brief, but I know there is still a pool of students waiting to help out when I need it on Book-It Legal."

- Bob Beauchamp
Robert M. Beauchamp,
Attorney at Law, LLC

Post a Project

Quickly post your project either anonymously or with your firm’s name on it.

Select a Student

Receive applications from multiple students within hours.

Get Quality Work

Select the student whose experience fits your project.

Top Law Students - Quick Turnaround

Book-It Legal is open to 2L, 3L, and LL.M. students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. You can select from a variety of applicants and have a student working on your project the same day.

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Name Your Price

Attorneys set the amount they are willing to pay to have their projects completed, students apply for projects that suit their interests, and Book-It Legal takes care of the payment process.

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Reduce Client Costs

Reduce time spent on a matter, and pass savings on to your clients.

Provide Mentorship

Help students gain experience and network.

Secure Messaging & Document Exchange

All communications and documents exchanged with students are encrypted and stored on secure servers.

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Confidentiality & Conflicts

Students keep information related to your projects confidential, and we make it easy to have a student sign an additional confidentiality agreement. If your project requires a conflicts check, simply send conflicts information in your first message to your student.

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What Attorneys Are Saying

"Book-It Legal has helped me connect with smart and diligent law students to knock out research projects so I can focus on more important and time-sensitive matters. The process is simple, the website is easy to use, and the support is there if needed."

J.D. Lloyd J.D. Lloyd
The Law Office of J.D. Lloyd

"Book-It Legal gives me a quick and affordable way to get extra help on a matter or just a second set of eyes."

Cory Ferraez Cory Ferraez
McHard & Associates, PLLC

"I've worked with great student clerks in the past, but it's difficult to consistently keep good students around because of their academic commitments and impending graduation. With Book-It Legal, I always have access to top students when I need them."

Tripp Watson Tripp Watson
The Watson Firm

What Attorneys Are Asking

How are confidentiality issues handled?

Under our Terms of Service, every student agrees to keep all information and documents received as part of a project confidential. You may also upload and ask a student to sign an additional confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement in your first communication with that student. If the nature of your project is particularly sensitive, please communicate your confidentiality concerns to the student.

How do conflicts checks work?

If your project requires a conflicts check, you can send the conflicts information to the student with whom you are working in your first communication to that student.

What kinds of projects get posted to the platform?

Examples of projects include legal research and memos, brief and motion editing, cite-checking, deposition summaries, document review, articles or client alerts, and trial transcript summaries. Feel free to post any task you feel comfortable having a top law student complete.

How do I communicate with students?

Book-It Legal provides a secure messaging and document exchange system through the platform, but feel free to schedule a call with your student or communicate in whatever way makes the most sense for your particular project.

How are data and communications secured?

We have created a secure platform where attorneys and students can communicate and exchange documents related to a project. All messages and documents exchanged with a student are transmitted over an encrypted connection secured by Transport Layer Security (TLS) and encrypted at rest when stored on servers provided by Amazon Web Services S3 cloud storage.

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