Frequently Asked Questions. Answered.


What is Book-It Legal?

Book-It Legal is a platform connecting attorneys to top law students for assistance with legal projects. We facilitate micro-clerkships where students and attorneys are able to work together on a per-project basis. Our platform gives attorneys immediate access to a pool of top students and gives students the ability to experience work in a wide variety of practice areas.

Who are the students doing the work?

Book-It Legal is open to 2L, 3L, and LL.M. students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Once you have posted a project and received applications, you will be able to review more detailed information about each candidate before selecting a student to work on your project.

What kinds of projects get posted to the platform?

Examples of projects include legal research and memos, brief and motion editing, cite-checking, deposition summaries, document review, articles or client alerts, and trial transcript summaries. Feel free to post any task you feel comfortable having a top law student complete.

How do I communicate with students and exchange documents?

We have created a secure platform where attorneys and students can communicate and exchange documents related to a project. All messages and documents exchanged with a student are transmitted over an encrypted connection secured by Transport Layer Security (TLS) and encrypted at rest when stored on servers provided by Amazon Web Services S3 cloud storage.

How do conflicts checks work?

If your project requires a conflicts check, you can send the conflicts information to the student with whom you are working in your first communication to that student.

How are confidentiality issues handled?

Under our Terms of Service, every student agrees to keep all information and documents received as part of a project confidential. You may also upload and ask a student to sign an additional confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement in your first communication with that student. If the nature of your project is particularly sensitive, please communicate your confidentiality concerns to the student.

Do I pay students an hourly rate or is the cost for each project fixed?

You decide the overall price to pay for each project. As part of the project submission process, you estimate the hours needed to complete the project and then name the fixed price you are willing to pay to have the work done.

For example, you might post a research and memo project that you estimate will take a student 8 hours to complete and decide to set the project price at $220. Of course, the platform is a free market, so projects priced with low budgets may not receive as much student interest.

How does payment work?

It is free to create an account, post a project, and invite students to apply. Once you select a student to work on your project, you pay by credit card using our third-party payment processor, Braintree (a PayPal company), and the funds are held in escrow by Braintree's banking partner until you have reviewed and approved the student's work. When you signal the project has been completed successfully, funds are released from escrow and disbursed to the student and Book-It Legal.

What fees do you charge?

We strive to be transparent with our fees. For each project, we charge a 15% service fee (which includes a 2.9% payment processing fee). For instance, if you post a project with a price of $100, your total cost will be $115 ($100 project price + $15 service fee). You will be shown all fees prior to selecting a student to begin working.

I need a project done ASAP — how long will it take to get applications from students?

Most projects receive applications from one or more students within a day of being posted. As part of the project submission process, you set both the deadline for students to apply for the project and the deadline when the project must be completed. In order to receive expedited work, price your projects accordingly.

How does anonymous posting work?

You have the option to either post your project so that your name and the name of your firm are disclosed on the posting or to post your project anonymously. If you choose to post anonymously, only your firm's city, state, and approximate firm size will be visible to students. Once you choose a student to work on your project, your name and your firm's name will be disclosed to the student you have chosen. At that time, you can have the student sign an additional confidentiality agreement through the platform.

What happens if there is a disagreement over whether a project has been completed successfully?

In the event you are not satisfied with the work produced, you may reject the submission. Then specify any errors or problems with the work, and give the student the opportunity to resubmit. If you are still dissatisfied with the work you receive after the student resubmits the project, please contact us at We have a customer service team ready to help resolve disputes.

Are students covered under a legal malpractice insurance policy?

Book-It Legal does not carry a malpractice insurance policy on students, but they may be covered under your firm's policy. The relationship of your firm to a student you engage through our platform is comparable to having a student work for you as a summer clerk. Check your policy to see if it covers work performed by clerks, paralegals, and other legal support staff.


Who is eligible to participate in Book-It Legal?

Our service is currently open to 2L, 3L, and LL.M. students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher who are enrolled at a law school accredited by the American Bar Association. The scope of student eligibility may expand in the future, so stay tuned.

What kinds of projects can I expect to work on?

Research and memos, brief and motion editing, cite-checking, deposition summaries, document review, and articles or client updates, to name a few. Our mission at Book-It Legal is to give students the opportunity to see a wide variety of projects in areas of the law that interest them.

How do I get paid?

Once an attorney signals that a project has been satisfactorily completed, we securely transfer funds to you either via Venmo or directly to your bank account.

How should I respond if an attorney I connected with through Book-It Legal asks to work with me outside of the Book-It Legal platform?

While you are a student using Book-It Legal, receiving payment off-platform from an attorney you originally connected with through Book-It Legal is a violation of the non-circumvention section of our Terms of Service. Please let us know if an attorney contacts you and suggests making or receiving payments outside of the Platform by emailing us at If it comes to our attention that users have been circumventing the platform, we reserve the right to cancel those users’ accounts.

Of course, helping students obtain full-time employment is what Book-It Legal is all about, so please let us know if the work you did for an attorney on our platform led to a full-time job!

What fees do you charge?

We do not charge students any fees for using Book-It Legal. Instead, a service fee is charged to attorneys based on the price of each project. So the amount you see listed as the price for a project is the amount you will receive upon successful completion of the project.

What happens if there is a disagreement over whether a project has been completed successfully?

In the event that there is a dispute over whether a project was completed satisfactorily, please contact us at We have a customer service team ready to quickly help resolve disputes.

What are anonymously posted projects?

Some projects posted on Book-It Legal will not contain the attorney's name or firm name. These projects are marked "anonymous," but the location of the firm and its approximate size will be visible. If you apply for an anonymous project and are chosen to complete it, the attorney's name and firm name will be disclosed to you. You may be required to sign an additional confidentiality agreement by the attorney.

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