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"Book-It Legal is a great way for law students to gain meaningful experience by working on projects for practicing attorneys. The projects are an excellent way for students to sharpen their writing and research skills. I'm extremely thankful for the opportunities the Book-It Legal site has given me."

Davis Kimball Davis Kimball
The University of Georgia School of Law

"Book-It Legal gives students opportunities to perform relevant legal work during the school year when time may not permit full, or even part-time, employment. I can work when my schedule allows and focus solely on school when necessary. This is particularly important to me, because as a husband and father, I am constantly searching for ways to supplement my family’s income. And there is the added benefit of being able to work with attorneys I may not otherwise meet."

Charlie Hearn Charlie Hearn
Samford University's Cumberland School of Law

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Search for projects that interest you. Haven’t been able to get exposure to real estate, criminal, or IP work? Take a look.


Finding time to work in law school is hard, so we’ve made it easier. Only apply for projects that fit around your schedule.

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Student loans are the worst—we know, we’ve been there. You are already developing a valuable skill set, so why not put those skills to use now? Real work + real pay = less debt.

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